Christians need to read this prior to voting!!!! Please forward this other Christians. I saw a video and Hiliary was proclaiming Christians must change their beliefs about abortion and gay rights. The 2016 Presidential Election is very important to Christians. The Supreme Court removed "God" from "the Pledge of Allegiance". Also prayer was removed from public schools and all public institutions from within United Stated States of America. Pastor Paul Horger was arrested because he refused to marry a gay couple. Now, due to the passing of Judge Antonin Scalix, the incumbent decides the next Judge. This is very important to Christians. The purpose of this message is to explain do not listen to the polls only because of the inaccuracy and the importance of everyone to vote. However, Trump is indeed rising in the popular vote polls and the electoral college. God's hand is on the outcome. Amen, Hallelujah. There are (4) ways of predicting the outcome of Presidential elections. (1) If the stock market slides the party not in the White House wins. If stocks go up the current party remains. This is accurate 82% of the time since FDR. The stock market slid from 8/1 to 10/1. (2) Professor Allen J. Lichtmen of American College has been accurate for 30 years choosing the presidential outcome.(3) The phone app "The Crazy Raccoon" polls on the average 100,000 voters daily. (4) An AI (artificial intelligence) Mog.IA has been correct since 2004. Mog.IA reviews 20 million data points in public platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and You tube. Mog.IA correctly choose the outcome of the 2016 Primaries. All (4) above concluded Donald J. Trump will be President. Question, if God is removed from our country do we lose God's "Hedge of Protection"?. Not sure, have you followed our country"s current events lately? When the Pilgrims first landed on Plymouth Rock their first official act was to write and sign the "Mayflower Compact".The first words within this document was "In the name of God, Amen." And the "Mayflower Compact" included the purpose for their arrival was "for the Glory of God, and the Advancement of Christ in Faith". In the bible; Isaiah 5:1-5 God became the "hedge trimmer" in Israel because of the actions of its citizens. Coincidence? "God Bless our Country". ......"Wake Up America". Amen, Halllelujah